Fitting In Fitness

When you hurt, exercise is probably that the last thing that appeals to you. But once you start moving, you may find that you will be hurting less. Consistent physical exercise has many health benefits, some of which include:

  • Strengthening your your lungs, heart and blood vessels
  • Developing good muscle tone
  • Contributing to good posture and physique
  • Building a high energy level
  • Contributing to good mental and emotional status
  • Helping lose excess weight, when accompanied by proper nutrition

No matter what form of physical exercise you chose, be it running, swimming, cycling, tennis, dancing, or walking, the health benefits you receive can enhance your enjoyment of life.

Exercise for patients with limited mobility

If you have limited mobility due to a bad knee or hip joint, or any other health concern that you believe may keep you from exercising, talk to your physician. Physical activity is very important, even for patients with limitations; your doctor can help by offering recommendations for excercises you can do, or even prescribing a physical therapy program.

Getting Started

Almost anyone can enjoy a high level of physical fitness by incorporating conditioning exercises into daily living. If you don’t have time to plan a vigorous exercise program, here are a few tips to help keep you fit:

  • Use stairs whenever possible.
  • Avoid using a car or public transportation if you can walk instead
  • When using transportation, get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way
  • If you drive a car, park a few blocks or further back in the parking lot and walk to your destination.

Please note: You must always consult a doctor before starting exercise program. This is especially important if you are at risk for heart disease, or high blood pressure, and if you are a heavy smoker, have a family history of diabetes, obesity, or if you have a chronic health problem.

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